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[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 27 (December 1881)

Keywords: supplement; price; contained; valuable; illustrated; ment; description; cents; improved; scientific; electric light; papers contained; scientific american; ten cents; paper read; price ten; supplements numbers; valuable paper; valuable papers; lecture delivered
Downloads: 927
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 07 (August 1880)

Keywords: patent; iron; scientific; steam; american; sturgeon; steel; patented; scientific american; tion; horse power; great deal; air bladder; narrow gauge; wrought iron; hot air; patent granted; patent issued; car starter
Downloads: 511
[texts]Scientific American Volume 58 Number 15 (April 1888)

Keywords: scientific; steam; iron; patented; reis; illustrated; patent; magnet; scientific american; american; perspective view; life saving; hot water; device fob; field magnet; wrought iron; american supplement; cast iron; hot air
Downloads: 367
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 25 (December 1881)

Keywords: steam; boiler; scientific; inches; candles; patent; iron; patented; improved; electric; gold size; wood working; scientific american; safety valves; stearic acid; price list; steam gauges; sulphuric acid; steam boiler; type bodies
Downloads: 335
[texts]Scientific American Volume 01 Number 01 (August 1845)

Keywords: july; subscribers; inventions; cents; american; rational; infusion; scientific; speak gently; gently; young men
Downloads: 325
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 26 (December 1909)

Keywords: scientific; electric; american; lens; apparatus; automobile; device; tion; scientific american; patent; water power; warm water; reinforced concrete; american supplements; american supplement; york zoological; gulf stream; thorough standardization; speed indicator
Downloads: 323
[texts]Scientific American Volume 73 Number 12 (September 1895)

Keywords: tbe; scientific; steam; apparatus; valkyrie; cylinder; water; munn; scientific american; combs; perspective elevations; perspective elevation; soft coal; wood pulp; nerve cells; postal union; hot water; paper pulp; hunt air
Downloads: 294
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 23 (December 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; patent; magnet; improved; illustrated; consists; scientific; scientific american; apparatus; torpedo boat; horseshoe magnets; christmas box; illustrated catalogue; soft iron; years ago; price list; traction rope; fine wire
Downloads: 284
[texts]Scientific American Volume 95 Number 07 (August 1906)

Keywords: apparatus; motor; scientific; feet; tion; rigidity; patent; device; scientific american; yachts; pure food; playing card; long island; car door; york yacht; san francisco; island railroad; american august; electric light
Downloads: 277
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 26 (December 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; patent; shaft; boiler; improved; scientific; iron; scientific american; electric; cutting jaw; average sea; electric light; slide rest; swing frame; fluid batteries; letters patent; sea speed; single fluid
Downloads: 268
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 24 (December 1881)

Keywords: patented; tlie; patent; consists; improved; tion; scientific; steam; scientific american; axle; illustrated catalogue; clamping plate; initial fever; paris electrical; sir charles; opposite sides; price list; nozzle pipe; caustic soda
Downloads: 247
[texts]Scientific American Volume 95 Number 21 (November 1906)

Keywords: scientific; american; patent; apparatus; going; people; tion; mars; scientific american; munn; hydrochloric acid; full particulars; american november; total power; american supplement; storage battery; towing rope; endless rope; belt power
Downloads: 245
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 03 (July 1883)

Keywords: patent; patented; silk; apparatus; tlie; improved; scientific; steam; scientific american; tbe; large number; yellow fever; cotton seed; small masters; hand looms; sewing machine; chemical engines; fire escape; silk worm
Downloads: 243
[texts]Scientific American Volume 24 Number 24 (June 1871)

Keywords: patent; steam; tion; needles; railroad; knit; iron; scientific; sewing machine; needle; illustrate patent; coal dust; emery wheels; carton pierre; steam engine; perforated side; mash tun; scientific american; anthracite slack
Downloads: 226
[texts]Scientific American Volume 67 Number 26 (December 1892)

Keywords: scientific; steam; american; munn; manufacture; electric; patent; iron; scientific american; apparatus; general electric; express money; feed water; hot water; wrought iron; horse power; multiple switchboard; electric light; west virginia
Downloads: 224
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 26 (December 1907)

Keywords: scientific; automobile; american; electric; motor; device; eclipse; apparatus; scientific american; airship; internal combustion; american december; american supplement; total eclipse; hydrochloric acid; sheet metal; water supply; left hand; violin player
Downloads: 219
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 06 (August 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; steam; automobile; tion; supplement; yarn; feet; scientific american; steel; wireless telegraph; motor car; american supplement; blue hill; paper yarn; gas engine; american august; american supplements; mare island
Downloads: 217
[texts]Scientific American Volume 37 Number 25 (December 1877)

Keywords: scientific; patent; lathe; iron; address; asks; center; steam; scientific american; cylinder; american supplement; wrought iron; copper wire; face plate; carbonic acid; boring bar; large number; bird lime; feed screw
Downloads: 201
[texts]Scientific American Volume 69 Number 27 (December 1893)

Keywords: scientific; tons; fair; electric; american; patent; apparatus; anthracite; scientific american; exhibit; cold storage; address munn; tons anthracite; high pressure; tons bituminous; glass rolling; trade mark; american supplement; work guide
Downloads: 199
[texts]Scientific American Volume 77 Number 11 (September 1897)

Keywords: scientific; armature; honey; tion; bee; tbe; munn; bees; scientific american; wire; mail catcher; inch hole; bee keeping; sir john; rag weed; perspective elevations; white clover; alternating current; field magnets
Downloads: 196
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 11 (September 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; scientific; machine; feet; improved; boiler; patent; scientific american; iron; water power; reducing agents; sewing machine; electric current; gutta percha; cast iron; sheet metal; cinnamic acid; price list
Downloads: 194
[texts]Scientific American Volume 56 Number 16 (April 1887)

Keywords: patented; patent; scientific; electric; apparatus; patents; caisson; tbe; scientific american; munn; large number; fine stuff; address munn; carbonic acid; thirty years; letters patent; express money; feed water; sole manufacturers
Downloads: 193
[texts]Scientific American Volume 50 Number 14 (April 1884)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; feet; patents; inches; american; patented; scientific american; iron; compressed air; address munn; inches thick; special construction; cast iron; fire escape; price list; valuable paper; years ago
Downloads: 190
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 14 (October 1907)

Keywords: rubber; scientific; tion; airship; adapted; device; american; patent; scientific american; hose; public service; motor boat; iver johnson; mechanical rubber; american october; third leg; north side; sheet metal; high speed
Downloads: 189
[texts]Scientific American Volume 56 Number 01 (January 1887)

Keywords: tbe; steam; scientific; patented; water; steel; iron; vessel; ocean steamers; locomotive; motive power; feed water; iron plate; sewing machine; address munn; natural gas; steam pipes; top lights; cubic feet
Downloads: 186
[texts]Scientific American Volume 64 Number 21 (May 1891)

Keywords: scientific; patent; american; munn; center; iron; electric; steam; scientific american; patents; american supplement; patent office; wrought iron; iron pipe; hudson river; coupling pin; perpetual motion; trade mark; iron pipes
Downloads: 182
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 03 (July 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; supplement; gases; boiler; concrete; electric; automobile; scientific american; plate; great quantity; electric light; american supplement; osborne college; american supplements; internal combustion; sewing machine; american july; current technical
Downloads: 182
[texts]Scientific American Volume 62 Number 26 (June 1890)

Keywords: electric; scientific; patent; munn; apparatus; steam; american; patents; scientific american; tion; hudson river; express money; electric light; horse power; war ship; torpedo boat; hot air; organic bodies; builders edition
Downloads: 177
[texts]Scientific American Volume 100 Number 21 (May 1909)

Keywords: scientific; tbe; patent; munn; peat; cave; american; machine; producer gas; scientific american; mail bag; guide map; mammoth cave; tbe address; lock canal; main cave; wireless telegraph; hot water
Downloads: 173
[texts]Scientific American Volume 24 Number 18 (April 1871)

Keywords: patent; steam; iron; assignor; patents; machine; tion; scientific; molten iron; surface; infusorial silica; fog signals; wrought iron; antedated april; scientific american; steam engine; union stone; carbolic acid; sun spot
Downloads: 173
[texts]Scientific American Volume 95 Number 02 (July 1906)

Keywords: scientific; tion; adapted; device; object; feet; american; patent; scientific american; cigars; santa clara; principal objects; years ago; wrought iron; ten cents; storage battery; copper nails; gasoline engines; machine shop
Downloads: 171
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 11 (March 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; supplement; device; electric; railroad; artificial; scientific american; patent; celestial sphere; water level; american supplement; reinforced concrete; wireless telegraph; heat units; american march; american supplements; vestibule day
Downloads: 169
[texts]Scientific American Volume 95 Number 16 (October 1906)

Keywords: scientific; patent; american; apparatus; device; speed; tion; munn; scientific american; devil; devil fishes; cereal breakfast; devil fish; york city; average speed; secondary canals; american supplement; american october; canadian pacific
Downloads: 166
[texts]Scientific American Volume 77 Number 10 (September 1897)

Keywords: scientific; american; reindeer; tbe; electric; cents; munn; tion; scientific american; valve; total production; reversing valve; horse power; british association; sir john; address munn; linseed oil; perspective elevations; open hearth
Downloads: 166
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 13 (September 1907)

Keywords: scientific; apparatus; feet; vanadium; american; patent; wireless; device; scientific american; center; years ago; railroad company; liquid air; pounds gage; wireless telephony; american september; aerial wire; vanadium steel; pennsylvania railroad
Downloads: 160
[texts]Scientific American Volume 62 Number 22 (May 1890)

Keywords: scientific; munn; water; adapted; rice; electric; american; patent; scientific american; tallapoosa; wire cloth; typewriting machine; stained glass; red scale; illustration represents; lead strips; carbonic acid; fire alarm; express money
Downloads: 159
[texts]Scientific American Volume 55 Number 24 (December 1886)

Keywords: scientific; patented; steam; tanning; tion; pyrofuxin; torpedo; patent; scientific american; patents; short arm; sheep shearing; horse power; tanning material; american supplement; express money; address munn; compressed air; manual labor
Downloads: 153
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 11 (September 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; bridge; tion; object; cement; feet; adapted; scientific american; patent; reinforced concrete; life insurance; american supplement; particulars address; american supplements; lower chord; portland cement; american september; water works
Downloads: 151
[texts]Scientific American Volume 80 Number 02 (January 1899)

Keywords: feet; oil; scientific; dynamo; tons; tion; electric; steam; scientific american; bicycle; wrought iron; suspension bridge; candle power; fifty years; feet long; york side; horse power; years ago; storage battery
Downloads: 151
[texts]Scientific American Volume 76 Number 26 (June 1897)

Keywords: scientific; bicycle; patent; tbe; steam; tion; american; electric; scientific american; munn; trade mark; third rail; motor car; torpedo boat; square feet; narrow gage; cast iron; horse power; sprocket wheel
Downloads: 151
[texts]Scientific American Volume 95 Number 15 (October 1906)

Keywords: scientific; masks; american; patent; munn; electric; motor; speed; scientific american; miles; railway switching; great western; average speed; sixteen times; american october; twenty miles; york central; wheel base; grand central
Downloads: 150
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 24 (December 1909)

Keywords: chicago; ore; feet; tons; grain; railroad; steel; scientific; scientific american; freight; great britain; cubic feet; middle west; kahn system; gas engines; iron ore; american december; lake superior; lake michigan
Downloads: 147
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 22 (November 1907)

Keywords: scientific; patent; center; concrete; american; patents; mechanical; hammers; scientific american; apparatus; cutting tools; zinc bromid; american november; main arch; reinforced concrete; flying machine; moving picture; petroleum fields; years ago
Downloads: 146
[texts]Scientific American Volume 31 Number 20 (November 1874)

Keywords: steam; improved; patent; iron; improvements; water; consists; scientific; scientific american; address; grand cash; eighth inch; grand central; rapid transit; water glass; wrought iron; sewing machine; underground railway; cash gift
Downloads: 143
[texts]Scientific American Volume 95 Number 24 (December 1906)

Keywords: scientific; eclipse; american; arc; machine; tion; motor; patent; scientific american; feet; american supplement; wireless telegraph; american december; fiscal year; total eclipse; direct current; patent office; curtain shutter; proper position
Downloads: 143
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 20 (November 1907)

Keywords: scientific; machine; american; tion; meters; motor; apparatus; patent; scientific american; buoy; ounces sodium; letters patent; sodium sulphite; star safety; american november; particulars address; total weight; separating fibers; diphtheria serum
Downloads: 143
[texts]Scientific American Volume 25 Number 06 (August 1871)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; iron; tion; engine; consists; patents; scientific american; address; specific gravity; cast iron; steam engine; baxter steam; sulphuric acid; wrought iron; safety valve; shuttle box; bucket plunger
Downloads: 142
[texts]Scientific American Volume 17 Number 18 (November 1867)

Keywords: combination; claim; purpose; constructed; manner; set; arranged; patent; purpose set; purposes; turbine water; steam engine; purposes set; pose set; scientific american; cotton bale; purpose bet; union pacific; revolving hollow
Downloads: 141
[texts]Scientific American Volume 75 Number 04 (July 1896)

Keywords: scientific; american; patent; electric; iron; steel; steam; machine; fifty years; tons; years ago; electric light; scientific american; cast iron; sewing machine; horse power; electric motor; half century; twenty years
Downloads: 141
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 20 (November 1881)

Keywords: patented; fiber; steam; consists; scientific; improved; lime; patent; scientific american; grain; glass plate; cell walls; coloring matter; horse power; price list; grinding wheel; illustrated catalogue; cotton fiber; carbonic acid
Downloads: 136
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